How to reduce indoor air pollution?

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Sources of indoor air pollution, how to reduce indoor air pollution

There are many sources of indoor air pollutants, either from indoor or from outdoor sources. Automotive exhaust and industrial emissions pollution is one of the well-known sources of pollution, but many other sources of pollution are often overlooked, such as bacteria, molds, dust mites, pollen, household cleaners, household cleaning products, pesticides Paint remover, cigarettes, but also smoke from the burning of gasoline, natural gas, wood or burning carbon, and even decoration materials and building materials themselves are very important sources of pollution. A European Union study shows that many common household items are the main source of volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds are also released by many consumer products and biodegradable materials. Among them, formaldehyde, benzene and naphthalene are the three most common and worrisome three harmful gases. In addition, certain organic compounds react with ozone to produce secondary contaminants, such as particulates and ultrafine particles. Some secondary contaminants can cause a significant decrease in indoor air quality and give people a pungent taste.

      Air purifier is recommended by the US Environmental Protection Commission, one of three ways to reduce indoor air pollution. In order to be able to effectively remove air pollution, the following three ways:
Remove sources of pollution or control pollutant emissions
Ventilation equipment
Air Purifier 
      Removing pollution sources or controlling pollutant emissions is often not a simple option, especially in major urban areas. Air purifier compared to the relatively simple and feasible method of choice. But air purifiers alone can not adequately remove air pollutants.
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