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New research shows that air pollution may affect work efficiency

Researchers have found that breathing contaminated air can reduce the productivity of workers, especially white-collar workers, in the workplace. If you work in an office or cubicle that pollutes the city, your work efficiency may be relati...

A comprehensive interpretation of the purchase of air purifier for "three high and one low"

In recent years, hazy weather increases, so that air purifier attention. This month, the new national standard for air purifiers was formally implemented, which clearly defined the four central goals that affect the purifying effect of air...

Haze disappeared, we also need to use air purifier it?

We really like you very much hope that the haze will not come again, but the haze will certainly be more serious. 1, although the smog days have passed temporarily, but there are chemical formaldehyde pollution in the interior, will endange...

Warm baby room from the subtle start

0-3 year-old infants and young children, spent most of the time indoors, infants during this stage the organ is still in development, the body resistance is weak. As the topic of air pollution becomes heavier, parents are increasingly reduci...

How to reduce indoor air pollution?

Sources of indoor air pollution, how to reduce indoor air pollution There are many sources of indoor air pollutants, either from indoor or from outdoor sources. Automotive exhaust and industrial emissions pollution is one of the well-known...

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