Quality Certification

Ningbo Taibang Environmental Protection Science and Technology since the establishment of the company, has been the highest quality products in strict accordance with the ISO9001 management system operations, quality control consistent, QC control refinement to the entire process of production, so as to protect each of the manufactured goods are qualified High quality products.


The company has in line with the national standard product laboratory 2, respectively, for incoming raw materials inspection, and the finished product factory testing. In incoming inspection, the company configured a variety of testing equipment more than one in order to detect and eliminate unqualified components in time to optimize the supply chain. In the finished product testing laboratory, through various equipment to simulate a variety of harsh environments, the situation may be observed products, real-time data detection, analysis of the performance of the product to ensure qualified products are supplied to customers, to meet customer needs.


Years of technology precipitation, the company won the honor, with a number of patent certificates, and the product also passed a number of quality certification. Quality is the future of Taibang! Taibang in the future development will continue to advance with the times, and constantly blaze new trails.


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